A Few Things Ill-Considered; A Climate Change Counterpoint

Here's a very clear, readable and well-researched site on how to respond to climate change skeptics. A great example of what you will find runs as follows:


So 2005 was a record year, one really warm year or two is not global warming.

This kind of objection only indicates an unfamiliarity with the actual long term temperature record and is just asking for a few good temperature facts, so let 'em have it!

2005 breaking the record is not convincing? Let's see then, how about:

  • every year since 1992 has been warmer than 1992
  • the ten hottest years on record occurred in the last 15
  • every year since 1976 has been warmer than 1976
  • the 20 hottest years on record occurred in the last 25
  • every year since 1956 has been warmer than 1956
  • every year since 1917 has been warmer than 1917

The five year mean global temperature in 1910 was .8oC lower than the five year mean in 2002. This and all the above come from the analysis by NASA GISS here:


No one is doubting that it has warmed.That is beyond dispute.What still remains to be demonstrated is that CO2 is responsible for that warming.That is highly disputed.CO2 has not correlated with temperature for the last 150 years,or the last 1000 years or the last 650,000 years.There is no evidence to show that CO2 has caused the recent observed warming.