Canada Oilsand Lawsuit Launched

A lawsuit against Canada's oilsands has been launched by the Cree First Nations in Northern Alberta.

The lawsuit (pdf) pits the Beaver Lake Cree band against the governments of Canada and Alberta, asking the court to rule invalid the government authorization for thousands of petroleum projects on the band's core territory.

The lawsuit is just the latest in a string of opposition to the massive oilsands projects. Last week, 11 Greenpeace activists were arrested after trying to block a pipeline dumping tailings waste into one of the giant toxic tailings lakes.

For more information on the Alberta Oilsands check out DeSmog's “Top 10 Facts About the Alberta Oilsands” page.


This suit like others is just an attempt to cash in.
As for Green Peace.
Well They only have one brain cell that they share on alternate days so what does one expect.

take a look at what these people are losing on a daily basis and think seriously about it? Cash in? What would YOU do if somebody rolled over your landscape with the biggest effing vehicles ever built to remove every recognizable feature, suck up the substrate, pile it into mounds of excess earth, pump the by-products into a toxic waste pond, and move on to the next site?

Oh never mind. You don’t get it, and you will probably never get it. Fern