Kimmel spoof makes CEI's laughable ads hilarious

Tue, 2006-08-08 17:56Kevin Grandia
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Kimmel spoof makes CEI's laughable ads hilarious

This clip was posted on a while ago. It is piece done by late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel in response to the notorious “C02, we call it life ads” produced by the oil money laden Competitive Enterprise Institute. These ads were so laughable to begin with, I didn't think anyone could make them funnier, but Jimmy sure does. While it is enjoyable to poke fun at such blatant PR spin, there is the very serious fact that these ads were played heavily in 10 states across the US and probably did exactly what they intended to do; that is confuse the public even more on the issue of climate change.

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I am looking for the two ads of CEI (The Competitive Institute). I need the video-documents for educational work (it’s not possible to be online, when I will use it).Are there any possibilities to get those ads (web-sites, via email, video-stream-ripping, etc.). I am using a macintosh.Looking forward for your answers!

Frank Bi,