NY Time's Andy Revkin on the 'Allure of Clean Coal'

On his NY Time's DotEarth blog, journalist Andy Revkin writes:

This enduring notion — that the world can have its coal and climate, too, by pumping the carbon dioxide from combustion into the earth — has been promoted by institutions including Peabody Energy, the world’s biggest coal company (see its coal-sales ticker here), and the Natural Resources Defense Council. A group that pushed the clean-coal theme at the Democratic convention, the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity, will be heading to the Republican convention next week. Environmentalists have attacked the group as the latest in a string of industry propaganda mills.”

Thanks for the link to DeSmog Andy!


Torrefied wood ought to work in any existing coal reactor; some is already being co-fired with coal.

Also, some, or any biochar, ought to sequestered deep undergraound.

Shame on NRDC of claiming so-called clean coal can ever be a solution.

For fighting any and every attempt to address polution while maintaining our current standard of living.

It is now all too obvious that environmentalists are not interested in any technological solutions to polution.

And does not even address the FACT that CO2 is NOT polution.

The only acceptable path for them is to enter into another dark age and pretend to be “one with the Earth”.

Will we ever be rid of wide eyed innocent tree hugging eco fanatics?