Check out DeSmog on Meet the Bloggers Tomorrow

Check back here tomorrow at 10am pacific time, when yours truly will be on Brave New Film Foundation's online talkshow Meet the Bloggers. 

If you haven't seen Meet the Bloggers before it is a very cool high production-value online show that discusses the hottest issues of the day with top bloggers. This week's topic is Sustainability versus Big Oil - a subject that is very near and dear to the DeSmogBlog team. 

The show is hosted by Cenk Uygur of Young Turk fame and this week's special guest is CNBC environmental correspondent Simran Sethi. On the blog panel with me will be Kate Sheppard from Grist and Brad Johnson, Research Associate at the Center for American Progress. 

Check back here tomorrow for the live feed. And if you have points you think I should bring up on the issue of Big Oil versus Sustainability, leave a comment below or send me an email at desmogblog [at]


As always, DeSmogBlog tells it like it is.

Dear Kevin, Kate Sheppard and other Bloggers,

What is happening with the global economy?

It appears to me that the family of humanity is learning this week that a government can print money infinitely, without any “revenge” effects. At least that is what we are told by many mavens in the business of managing the global economy. Unfortunately, these mavens appear unwilling to acknowledge the profound implications associated with the understanding that the resource base provided by our planetary home is finite. That is to say, Earth’s limited resources cannot support endless economic growth. No possible way.

The unbridled growth of the global economy could soon reach a point in space-time when the limited resources of the relatively small, evidently finite and noticeably frangible planet we inhabit simply can no longer sustain the colossal scale and expected growth of already rampant economic globalization now overspreading the surface of Earth and posing a threat to life as we know it as well as to the integrity of Earth and its environs.

Comments from one and all are welcome.



Steven Earl Salmony
AWAREness Campaign on The Human Population, established 2001

wow - Kevin looks much younger on the video. I’ll have to give him less respect.