Bjorn Lomborg: The Manipulative Environmentalist

Fri, 2006-09-22 07:08Richard Littlemore
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Bjorn Lomborg: The Manipulative Environmentalist

Dr. Kåre Fog, a longtime Bjorn Lomborg watcher, has assembled a website of Lomborg errors. You can go straight to Lomborg's deceptions on climate change here.

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psst. it’s “manipulative,” not “maniputalive.”

Damn spellcheque is never there when you need it …
… and by the way, am I violating some rule of blogdom to correct really stupid spelling mistakes when they are pointed out?

Don’t ask, don’t tell 

In a fit of optimism and curiousity, my Dad purchased his book ‘The Skeptical Environmentalist’ when it was first published, for me and my sister. I remember quoting from his book like an idiot thinking that I was so clever to present a different point of view as well as feeling a vauge sense of hope that the science was alarmist. 8 years later I’m looking at the book that I just pulled from my bookshelf greatful that I won’t have to buy a new roll of toilet paper this month.