CEI Climbs Down on Climate Change

Wed, 2007-04-11 01:17Richard Littlemore
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CEI Climbs Down on Climate Change

The most outspoken climate-change denying U.S. think tank - recently cut off by favourite funder Exxon Mobil - has coincidentally seen the light on climate science and now acknowledges the obvious.

Check out this excellent overview, reported in The Australian, but written by The New Republic's Bradford Plumer.


Very interesting read, I found the last couple paragraphs quite amusing.
You should have Darren blog No Impact Man’s appearance on Stephen Colbert: http://blogs.wsj.com/energy/2007/04/10/stephen-colbert-vs-no-impact-man/
Soooo much slant in that New Republic article… actually quoting the Ellen Goodman “holocaust deniers” link, which further clouds the issues with foolishness… the issue is not whether or not warming is happening – it’s the anthropomorphic part which is in dispute, of course. It cites Gore’s Oscar, as if that has any bearing on anything even remotely scientific… this is just irritating noise, nothing helpful to someone like me, who is just out there trying to learn what the deal is. Respected scientists like MIT’s Richard Lindzen still have legitimate objections to the CO2-related conclusions being shoved down our collective throats. Saying “the deniers are running scared” is just mindless blather. This is not objective journalism.
Michael Mann

Put up your hand if you’ve been a follower of news about climate change in recent years and haven’t heard of the “hockey stick” graph.

Nobody?  No, didn’t think so.

These graphs get their name because of their shape. 

They are reconstructions of the temperatures on Earth over several centuries to several millennia and they all have a repetitive tendency to turn sharply skyward showing the recent rapid warming of the Earth.

The most famous and first “hockey stick” came from research in the...

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