Dan Gilbert on the psychology of global warming [video]

Thu, 2008-09-11 09:45John Lefebvre

Dan Gilbert on the psychology of global warming [video]

Here's a great 13 minute presentation by Harvard Psychologist, and author of the book Stumbling on Happiness, Dan Gilbert answering in his own way the question: Why haven’t we rallied our collective power to solve global warning?

Well worth the watch and well worth sending out to your friends and family.


Part 2:

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you have 2 copies of the part 1 on this page. I saw the part 2 by going to youtube.

Thanks for the 2 parts,very good videos.Great presentation by Dan Gilbert.He is very specific and give to people to understand that we are in a serious line.signalsforex.org/

Yea, you are right. cazare mamaia

Fixed. We just really, really liked part 1 I guess:)

Unfortunately part 2 will not play: Firefox on Mac Leopard.

It works fine with Leopard and Safari…

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Psychology eh? - okay - how bout this:

I am an apartment manager and as such I am often times called upon to fix toilets and snake gunk out of drain pipes.

That’s basically no different than psychology so I’ll put in my 2 bits here.

Dan here focuses on a concept that human brain development is just not far enough along to be concerned about climate change.(like we could do anything about it - HA!)

We jump out of the way of baseballs, but not slow moving thermometers.

I believe Dan is going down the wrong road. The reason we haven’t “rallied our collective power” to solve global warming is not because we are a bunch of dummies but because we are all doing our own thing. It’s not a recognition problem, It’s a refusal to be rallied by the climate crusaders situation.

I also note that the term “our collective power” works well for persons with communistic tendencies, psychologically speaking

Perhaps that is what is really going on here.

yes, yes, yes … I’m just typing for the sake of it again.

Before Hype, psychology and reason there was life on the farm. While still in the third grade the farm boy in me learned that when a fall or winter evening was cloudy, the overnight frost damage was likely to be less.

Now seventy years later, having learned about Pascal’s bargain, I still now that the most effective greenhouse gas (vapor or clouds) is water. The methane loaded belches of my cattle and the methane offgassing from their waste decomposing is the next most effective gas. The dust particles from Pele’ also work to hold in the re-radiation of heat to outer space. Where is C O two?

Well, if you are a tin miner from Tennesee, home schooled at night and working all day in the mine underground you may not have gotten the story right. Enforcement of Kyoto would not change global warming by more than a couple tenths of a degree C over the next twenty five years. It’s getting warmer, yes, and it’s not your fault. The strawberries on my farm will grow bigger, ripen earlier, and be sweeter because of more sugar content caused by the extra parts per million of carbon dioxide.

So why don’t you spend your trillions of dollars on a worthwhile elimination of malaria, or hunger, or pverty?

Psychology Dissertation

I knew… Denying of human cause of Global Warming is just about psychology. So those who know methods of psychological manipulation perfectly reaching their goals - many people now are denying Global Warming.


hmmm… looks like I need to try to track down those other two videos since they’re no longer here. Anyone know where to see them?
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