Fox News Touts New Film that Trashes "An Inconvenient Truth"

Wed, 2009-11-25 09:50Ross Gelbspan
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Fox News Touts New Film that Trashes "An Inconvenient Truth"

Fox News is touting a new film which challenges the content of Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth.” The film, which implies Gore’s film is based on “faith,” follows up on an action recommendation contained in an internal coal industry disinformation memo of several years ago.


Fox News has no business claiming someone else has made mistakes:

again same story. faith faith and faith. i hope in the future they will change mind. Niche Generator

No dumping
The former owner of a Youngstown, Ohio, excavating company pled guilty to illegally dumping thousands of gallons of contaminated fracking wastewater into a storm drain that led to the Mahoning River. 
Benedict Lupo, 63, will be sentenced on June 16 for violating the Clean Water Act. His sentence could range from probation to up to three years in federal prison. The federal prosecutor in the case intends to seek the maximum sentence....
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