When cavemen roamed the earth 3,000 years ago?! [video]

Fox News loves it’s strange science when it comes to climate change, but a recent interview with Michigan Congressman Thaddeus McCotter (R) shows just how sad this channel really has become.

On the Red Eye show, McCotter makes a strange argument that climate change is nothing to worry about because if we all think back to when cavemen were hunting Mastodons in 1,000 BC, they weren;t worried about melting glaciers.

Really? Cavemen and giant elephant like beasts 3,000 years ago?

1,000 BC was actually the around the time of the Iron Age and Mastodons had already been extinct for about 9,000 years.

As for glacier melt, as Lee Ang on ThinkProgress points out, McCotter was off on that point by only a mere 14,000 years.

Not suprisingly, Red Eye host Greg Gutfeld’s reaction to McCotter’s ignorance is nothing more than a high-school giggle.

Watch it:

H/T to Brian Merchant at Treehugger: Most Bizarre Climate Change Denying Argument by a Politician Yet? (Video)


If he’s going to be out there pretending he’s well versed in science, he should know simple things like when cavemen walked the earth.

Good thing Al “several million degrees” Gore doesn’t pretend to be well-versed in science. He shouldn’t have to; it’s settled.


And a “58 states” moment? Everyone should know there are only 57. www.snopes.com/politics/obama/57states.asp

Did McCotter get his timeline from one of those creationist museums perhaps? A sort of Inhofe Effect.

Perhaps McCotter should be ‘Expelled’ for awhile.