APS Triflers Using Hacked Emails to Question Science

Fri, 2009-12-04 19:51Richard Littlemore
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APS Triflers Using Hacked Emails to Question Science

Some of the same agenda-driven triflers who tried earlier this fall to push the American Physical Society into the climate change denial camp are at it again, leveraging the stolen East Anglia University emails to try to get the APS to reconsider its position on climate.

Led by Princeton physicists including Bob Austin and Will Happer (inset), the group has sent an open letter to physicists urging them to join a letter writing campaign encouraging the APS to abandoned what Happer’s mob is calling “corrupt science.”

Full disclosure credit: they actually list Roger Cohen, former manager of Strategic Planning for Exxon, among their primary signatories. At least there is no confusion about who’s side they’re on.

H/T, as ever, to John Mashey.

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