Politico: Dept. of Nazi analogies

From Politico today:

“Hitler comparisons in politics are, as a rule, never a great idea.

In this new video, Viscount Monkton – the British semi-celebrity critic of global warming science, now in Copenhagen – expands on his view that young climate activists are like Hitler Youth, suggesting that the “misplaced belief in climate change” is killing more people than Hitler.

Re: Brendan’s video.


(O)CT(O)PUS is in an inky mood today. I despise the godbots and the noisy rabble that always ruin the holiday spirit, and the relentless reactionary rightwing hacks and their criminal hackers, and the boiled frogs and their false conspiracies, and the constant harassment. Today, I’d rather kick a climate change denier, tear someone’s face off, and drown all humanity in a tidal pool.

May I open my presents now?

you seem stressed. I recommend a holiday. Get yourself down to an airport and buy a ticket to some southern paradise. While you’re there rent a big suv and have a scenic drive around and live the good life and don’t forget - those right wingers are the problem!

i swear i saw an article presented by desmog that had a hitler or nazi comparison to the deniers. it was up for about half the day and then taken down. pot meet kettle once again?