If only it was Canada making the Copenhagen announcement

Today at the Copenhagen climate talks there was a press conference held that unfortunately turned out to NOT be the new stance of the Canadian government.

Along with some great new COP-15, Environment Canada and Wall Street Journal sites, the spoofers conducted a press conference announcing Canada’s “Agenda 2020.”

Here’s their press release:

December 14, 2009

Plan includes stricter emissions reductions and immediate “climate debt” bailouts for most affected countries

COPENHAGEN, Denmark – In a major development coming three days before the final round of UN climate change negotiations in Copenhagen, and responding to the recent concerns expressed by the G77 bloc of countries, Canada’s Attaché for Environment and Planning announced today an ambitious plan for a new climate change framework that answers vital concerns voiced by developing nations.

Dubbed “Agenda 2020,” the plan sets strict new emissions-reductions guidelines for Canada and fast-tracks financing for vulnerable countries beginning in 2010.

“Today the G77 has again made their voice very clear,” said Jim Prentice, Canada’s Minister for the Environment. “This policy is our answer. Long in discussion, and slated for release later this week, Agenda 2020 is Canada’s commitment to a science-based approach to climate change, and our way to assert our partnership with the developing world.”

Agenda 2020 sets binding emissions reductions targets of 40% below 1990 levels by 2020 and at least 80% by 2050, in line with the recommendations of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and approaching the levels demanded by the African Group (link). The plan also introduces a new instrument, known as the “Climate Debt Mechanism” (CDM), committing Canada to much-needed funding to those developing countries facing the most dire consequences of climate change. CDM payments will begin with 1% and rise to the equivalent of 5% of Canada’s GDP annually by 2030.

“We believe all people will benefit from an equitable climate deal that truly energizes the world economy,” said Prentice.

The initial 2010 CDM outlay (representing 1% of Canada’s GDP, or $13 billion) will be allocated to the African countries for emissions-reduction strategies and alternative-energy development programs. Payments will also finance resilience-building projects in specific communities already facing the results of climate change or threatened with its most dire consequences.

The CDM is the world’s first financial mechanism that truly addresses the rising costs of climate change in developing countries. It follows a November announcement from Canada and its Commonwealth partners committing $10 billion to climate change adaptation for vulnerable countries. By providing quick access to adaptation finance, the CDM builds on this commitment and takes the global lead in supporting vulnerable countries. CDM payments will be completely separate from pre-existing development assistance and will be considered to be payments in a balance of trade.

“Canada is taking the long view on the world economy,” said Prentice. “Nobody benefits from a world in peril. Contributing to the development of other nations and taking full responsibilities for our emissions is simple Canadian good sense. We want to show the world that Canada is a leader on climate change.”

The full details of the CDM framework will be released when Prime Minister Stephen Harper attends the high-level session of the Copenhagen climate talks this Wednesday.

It seems that the hoaxers are showing the leadership that we’re hoping to see from our government No doubt some will go on the attack in the next few days over the “spoof.” But the question we should be asking is: who’s the real spoof?

The Canadian government continues to say they’re committed to action. Unfortunately for us all, words seem to be an abundant resource, while action remains elusive.

About an hour after the “major announcement,” the Canadian government sent out a reactionary release withe the lead:

Canadian Government Deplores Spoof Releases, False Hopes

False hope indeed. The Canadian government remains a follower on an issue that Canadians are looking for leadership.


Jim, the government response does not appear on ec.gc.ca, and instead appears on the hoax site, ec-gc.ca. Can we verify it is not part of the hoax and actually stems from the government itself?

If part of the hoax, the response would serve the same purpose as the fake WSJ article - acting as bait for scandal-hungry media to report on the original release. (What better way to guarantee a scandal than to actually create the scandalous reaction? If the initial hoax is not newsworthy to certain news organizations, perhaps the “reaction” would be.)

Huffington Post quotes three spoof press releases along with the spoof Wall Street Journal article. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/12/14/canada-gets-punkd-in-cope_n_390992.html

CBC James Cudmore is doing some sleuthing. What he’s found points to the Yes Men; and someone told him there will be a press conference tomorrow.


And an Edmonton radio station seems to have been taken in by the spoof WSJ article’s spoof author: http://bigcitylib.blogspot.com/2009/12/edmonton-radio-station-pranked-by.html#links

Copenhagen is turning into a circus. This is how serious international negotiations are conducted? Next time, leave all the partygoers at home and have a serious meeting.

Well, there’s an easy way for Ottawa to ensure people don’t get false hope. Simply adopt the measures in the spoof, make it real. Then maybe they can have real hope.

Of course, even the measures in the spoof may not be enough, but that’s a hell of a lot better starting point than 3 percent by 2020.

Any cuts to CO2. As long as we have economic growth, building new homes, offices, stores, schools, churches, roads, fire halls, police stations, food stores, infrastructure (which all require concrete and diesel fuel), as long as we continue to have 250,000 new people come to Canada each year, it is not physically possible for us to cut emissions of CO2 by any amount.

Or do the warmists here advocate we stop immigration, stop all new construction?

You people want us to reduce our living standards to save the planet. I think it is time for you to spell out EXACTLY what that means. What will we all have to start to give up? Go ahead be brave, tell us.

Maybe it is time for Desmogblog to start to show us a list of specific items we need to stop. You want drastic reductions in CO2, show us how that is done.

Maybe you should have a look around the world and see what they are doing elsewhere to meet their targets – because plenty of countries ARE meeting them, and they haven’t slid into chaos and ruin. You guys are fixated on having to give things up, assuming that there will be nothing there to take their place. Well, you’re so smart – get off your ass and apply your brain to the problem: develop an alternative to something with a big fat carbon footprint (a snowmobile, maybe). You’ll make a fortune!

Certainly not the US. They put out 19.5 metric tonnes per person, Canada is at 16.6.

The US puts out almost 20% MORE per person than us. We are not the bad guy comparatively speaking.

I’m going to invent a snowmobile that runs off of whale oil or clean coal. Anything else would be ridiculous as it would not have the energy needed to power anything or it would be too expensive nobody would it. Unless the government taxes the hell out of everything then the $100,000 Wind powered snowmobile would really be competitive.

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