Is Canadian Government Muzzling the Messengers?

A dramatic reduction in Canadian media coverage of climate change science issues is the result of the Harper government introducing new rules in 2007 to control interviews by Environment Canada scientists with journalists, says a newly released federal document.  “Scientists have noticed a major reduction in the number of requests, particularly from high profile media, who often have same-day deadlines,” said the Environment Canada document. “Media coverage of climate change science, our most high-profile issue, has been reduced by over 80 per cent.


Gloria Galloway reports that Minister Prentice has a website asking for feedback on his Department’s new sustainable development strategy; however someone has pointed out that the timing is suspect:

“…So, says one of them, “all Mr. Prentice is doing is obeying the law and holding a consultation - late. His government forced him to break the law and miss the deadline when they prorogued Parliament, though, so the comment period closes more than two weeks after the final strategy is required to be completed.”…”

There are several good links in this article.

Is it possible that its because the credibility of the science and some of the scientists have been damaged on the side of climate alarmist?

Look what has happened more and more over the last 2 years voices in the scientific as well as the political world have been rising up asking tough questions of those on what I will call the AWG side of this issue. (Anthropogenic Global Warming)

1. Those on the AWG side said there is no debate their is a scientific consensus on this issue yet in reality only 59 individuals signed off on the IPCC 9th chapter (hope that’s correct from memory)which blames man for climate change thats not 2500 world leading scientists that Gore and others claim support this view.

So the question is your wrong of misleading.

2. Look at the recent scandal at the IPCC
they where found to be wrong or misleading or just bad process on melting glaciers of the Himalayan(plus size of glaciers, dutch sea levels, rising sea levels, connecting hurricanes and severe weather as a result of AGW, Amazon forest destruction link to AGW, the cause of the arctic ice melt it was wind not necessarily anything to do with AGW, African crop yields, the ice is increasing since 2007 in antarctic…..Phil Jones previous head of CRU admits not statistically significant warming since 1995 in recent BBC article. The IPCC admits that it based some of these things on papers from environmental activist groups like Green Peace and World wild life fund. Look at Climate Gate we see Influential scientists on the AGW side manipulating the peer review process and being political.

Perhaps this is why politicians and even the (left media is not covering climate science. They see the scandals and the misinformation and they choose to ignore it instead of taking their lumps for championing the cause for so long, like the recent Prius story the media didn’t do their homework they trusted blindly and now they are embarrassed by what they see.

Perhaps these things have something to do with it?