New Website Wants to Turn Off Fox News

Author Marty Essen has started a new online project asking Americans to show their patriotism and Turn Off Fox News.

Whether it is the outright strange conspiracy theories of Fox host Glenn Beck or the subtler no-spin zone spindoctoring of Bill O’Reilly, Fox News has played host to many of the people we talk about here on DeSmogBlog everyday.

Essen writes,

“Unfortunately, unlike professional wrestling, where the predetermined conclusion is relatively harmless, Fox’s predetermined conclusions undermine elections, belittle the environment, embolden the paranoid, enrich the rich, and in general, divide our county.”

Well said. Help spread the message and help turn off Fox News!


hey, looks like paul krugman may read your site. he too has found that rather than allow comments to his posts it is easier to ban them. sounds like essen is in favor of gagging anyone that disagrees. wonder if your hero john podesta feels the same way? eh, free speech is overrated anyway.