Environment Minister Peter Kent Claims Climate "Plan Is Working" and Canadians Are "Proud" of Tar Sands

Peter Kent, Canada’s Minister of the Environment, suggested in a raucous Parliamentary exchange on Tuesday that Canadian leaders “have a plan, and the plan is working” to address climate change.  He also suggests that “Canadians are proud of the Canadian oil sands” which are “well regulated” and operated in an “environmentally sensitive and sustainable manner.”

Check out this video from the floor Q+A session from Tuesday February 8th when MP Kent was asked to respond to a question about Climate Action Network’s demands that Canada come up with a credible plan to deal with the climate crisis, and to move toward clean energy solutions instead of sinking deeper into the dirty tar sands. Here is the exchange:

How about it Canadians?  Are you “proud” of MP Kent’s remarks?  Let us know in the comments, on Twitter (@desmogblog) and on Facebook.


I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

steve barbarich, choosehottubsdirect.com

I’m not proud of the oilsands, and Peter Kent’s claim that the government’s “plan” is “working” is embarrassing.
What is particularly frustrating is the fact that Canadians had a chance to avoid this kind of lying garbage and we squandered it. Stephan Dion had a Green Plan, and Canadians rejected it (and him).
I fear that if the mainstream can’t get behind a guy like that, with a plan like that, we get what we deserve. :-(

Peter Kent is a PR man put in as an environment minister to spin sunshine. He is lying about the program and Canadians pride about it.

Our government is not just an embarrassment, but our shame, however we need to be aware that our democratic system, particularly the electoral system is dysfunctional in today’s multiparty world.

In the last election the fact based/sustainable vote was split by 4 parties. The Conservatives had the whole “Right”(I prefer to call it “Non Change”) block to them selves. A coalition that would provide a better picture of the popular(every vote counts)vote was avoided through prorogation.

Luckily, we do not have time to despair as a Canadian federal election looks likely in 1 to 10 months and we all must do whatever can to make sure that Stephen Harper’s Conservatives are not in power.

Guess What! I’ve been organising a small group of people in Vernon BC Canada to do 2 and 3 person protests and am looking to find people in different cities across Canada to sponsor the movement. We plan to encourage the opposition parties to go with the Conservatives in triggering an election and then raise many moral issues about the Conservative governance which if brought to light in a timely package should disgust all people of conscience.

The group is called “Climate Quixote” and we have a blog that explains the movement.

I hope that I am allowed to give you this blog address: http://www.climatequixote.com You need to type it into the address bar at the top.

I believe that this action by climatequixote.com is the last big, real chance that we Canadians have to slow the flow of Tar Sands oil to the world and avoid the “Venus” syndrome.

I would like to ask the viewers and people who create this good blog to see if they would be able to contact me to sponsor a group, lend a hand or offer guidance.

I think that if we can just push ourselves a little more to get the message of the hard realities of Global Warming out, we can successfully create meaningful change.

Be true to yourself.