Tempest: Inside the world of the Skeptics

The  Washington Post Sunday Magazine has published an extensive and very worthwhile article on the community of climate skeptics – starting with US hurricane expert William  Gray. 
(The article is available in the attached file)
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Hi Ross,
I don’t know if you’re new to blogging, but here are two quick comments which hopefully prove helpful:

* I’m assuming you don’t have permission to republish this Washington Post article in its entirety. That’s a breach of copyright, and gives us bloggers a bad reputation. It’s a much better idea to extract and/or rephrase the key points and link to the entire article in its original location.
* You won’t get many folks to donwload and read a Word document. They’re notorious virus carriers, and unless the source is trusted (I don’t know you, so I’m afraid I don’t trust you yet), people won’t touch them.

Hope that helps.

http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/05/23/AR2006052301305_pf.html Thanks for your blog.

By the way, the formatting guidelines at the bottom of your comment form say that web and email addresses are automatically converted into links. As you can probably see above, that didn’t happen.

No biggie. Just though you’d like to know.

Let’s see if the http link tag works (which the formatting guidelines say should work). <a   href=”http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/05/23/AR2006052301305_pf.html”>The Tempest</a>

Apparently not, if the preview is accurate. The software seems to be inserting an “x” character ahead of the “href”, which might be a cause or a symptom. I’m using the latest Firefox, in case that information is of any use. Good luck.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the feedback. You’re right, it doesn’t seem to turn URLs automatically into links. I’ll look into that. To do it yourself, you actually need to use the link button in the rich text editor below, or else turn off the rich text editor and use the <a href> tag.

I’ll look into why it doesnt happen automatically, however.