Correction: We Were Wrong About ExxonProfits

Tue, 2006-11-07 11:38Richard Littlemore
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Correction: We Were Wrong About ExxonProfits

How embarrassing: the DeSmogBlog has reported, at least twice, that ExxonMobil posted profits of $9.92 billion in the third quarter this year. That's incorrect. At least, it's old news.

The $9.92 figure was last year's total. Third quarter profits for this year were $10.49 billion. Profit for the first nine months of 2006 totalled $29.25 billion.

The DeSmogBlog would like to apologize to ExxonMobil for any implication that the company is not creaming every last dollar out of the commercial production of greenhouse gases.

Still own some Exxon Mobil stock and been dithering about divestment?

You’re leaving money on the table, and exposing your portfolio to severe risks that the company itself is underestimating. That’s according to a new report published by the Carbon Tracker Initiative, which finds that the stock’s recently sub-par performance can partially be explained by the company’s increasing dependence on tar sands.

Carbon Tracker says that Exxon is “...

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