Curmudgeon Inhofe throws himself in path of upcoming Live Earth concert

One of the most exciting outcomes of the mid-term election thrashing of the Republicans was that we'd no longer have to listen to the outrageous ranting of Senator Jim “global warming is a hoax” Inhofe as the Chair of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works. Unfortunate for us, Inhofe is still getting quite a bit of ink as the minority chair of the EPW.

Unfortunately for Inhofe, he is having to take more and more desperate actions to get his global warming denier message out to the public.

The lastest last gasp attempt by Inhofe is an announcement today vowing to stall the upcoming “Live Earth: the concert for a climate crisis” event set to take place on Capitol Hill in July. The free-to-the-public concert is a collaboration between Al Gore and Kevin Wall, the creator of other socially-conscious concert events like Live Aid and Live 8. Inhofe claims the event is partisan and runs counter to rules disallowing partisan events from being staged on the Capitol Mall.

So here's a challenge for all our readers in Washington, DC. There is no doubt the concert will go ahead, despite Inhofe's ramblings. So what we here at DSBlog are more interested in knowing is whether Inhofe's young-buck of a Communications Director, Marc Morano, can resist attending the free outdoor rock concert. Check here for a photo of Morano. If somebody can send DSBlog a photo of Morano rocking in out at the Live Earth concert, we'll send you a DSBlog swag bag with t-shirts, stickers and some iTunes cash.