DeSmogBlog one of Mother Nature's favourites

Wed, 2010-03-24 21:15Richard Littlemore
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DeSmogBlog one of Mother Nature's favourites

Thanks to Mother Nature Network for naming the DeSmogBlog one of the web’s most influential environmental blogs. Aside from calling DeSmogBlog manager Kevin Grandia “smart and insightful,” MNN went on to say this about us:

“DeSmogBlog is one of THE best places to go to online to find hard-hitting news and analysis on climate change, pollution and environmental policy. The site has a science and fact-based approach, but is written for the general public. They try to elucidate complex and often confusing issues while retaining an accessible and readable style. DeSmogBlog should be on the reading list of everyone who is concerned about the future of our planet.”

Wow. Usually when the people around here turn red in the face it’s driven by apoplexy not flattery. Thanks Mother Nature.

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