Did Russia Hack the E-Mails to Scuttle Copenhagen?

The computer hack, said a member of the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change, was a highly sophisticated, politically motivated operation. The guiding hand behind the leaks, according to one allegation, was that of the Russian secret services.  

Much of Russia’s vast oil and gas reserves lie in difficult-to-access areas of the far North. One school of thought is that Russia, unlike most countries, would have little to fear from global warming, because these deposits would suddenly become much easier and cheaper to access.


sounds plausible. Especially if the goal was to disrupt this conference. Now if the emails contain nothing of lasting damage, then the Ruskies are going to have to come up with something else next time.

If so, then this is as smart as the Cold War principle of Mutually Assured Destruction.

My money is on crazed right-wing libertarians. The adolescent intersection of “You can’t MAKE me do ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!” and “I’m not listening!!!!!!!”

I can’t imagine it will be any easier for northern countries like Canada, Russia and the Scandinavian countries with the warming of the north. I keep thinking of the billions of people to the south of Russia that will be starving to death. Do you think China and India will stand idly by while their countries turn to deserts?

As for Canada, we have the largest military power in the world to our south, that has a habit of taking things it wants. When the States turns to a dust bowl, Canada will be in real trouble.

Avast … let the Americans invade - then charge them the GST. We will all be able to move to condos on the Sunshine Coast.

This is one heck of speculation that Russia hacking important documents that could give some leaking ideas. Can’t imagine if this will be open to the public and know the truth of it.

Most people don’t know but there is something that will be brought about when everything had come out.

Turning Winds http://www.troubledteensguide.com/newcompany/Turning-Winds/index.html/

I notice that the well-known site for leaked documents, WikiLeaks, is sceptical of Russian involvement in the CRU hack. In a Tweet on Dec 7 they noted:

“…we know exactly how the material was obtained and have no reason to suspect direct FSB involvement.”

Of course, they’re not telling what they know. It’s also suggested that it was an inside job: someone sifted through a great deal of material to locate a couple of lines.

“…It’s also suggested that it was an inside job: someone sifted through a great deal of material to locate a couple of lines…”

It seems to me as likely that someone stole a large number of emails, then sifted through them to find whatever could be used to attack the scientists.

I think an insider would not have found what they did to be worth leaking, unless someone outside was paying them to provide anything they could find.

So thats why they didn’t know what they got is of no value. They couldn’t read them.