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Keith D. Hage

Keith D. Hage


  • Ph.D. (Chicago).
  • M.A. (Toronto).
  • B.A. (UBC).
  • Professor Emeritus of Geography (1967, 1985).

Source: [1]


Keith D. Hage is a retired professor from the University of Alberta's department of Earth and Atmospheric Science. [2]

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Vincent Gray


Vincent Gray


  • Ph.D., physical chemistry, Cambridge University. [1]


Vincent Gray is a chemist based in New Zealand.  He is a retired coal industry researcher, climate author, and founder of the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition.

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Howard Hayden


Howard Hayden


  • Ph.D., Physics, University of Denver. [1]


Howard C. Hayden is a retired professor of physics at the University of Connecticut. [2]  He is the editor of The Energy Advocate, a monthly newsletter promoting energy and technology. [3]

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