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C'mon, Sue Us: Please Sue Us

Frank Bi has a wonderful petition over at the International Journal of Inactivism, calling for hacks like Christoper Walter (the lurid Viscount Monckton of Brenchley) to find the courage of their alleged convictions and sue Al Gore and NASA's James Hansen for fomenting the global scientific “conspiracy” about climate change.

Really, if these guys had a shred of evidence - or dignity - they'd bring their vacuous argument before a judge and let the case be tested. I, personally, would love to see a jury trial - a serious opportunity to put the evidence before a dozen people who would test Hansen's science against Monckton's palaver.

Climate Change: It's a Conspiracy!!!

Frank Bi of the ironically entitled International Journal of Inactivism has a wonderful and quite thorough analysis of the history of climate change conspiracy theories.

Frank has discovered - and carefully documented - accusations beginning as early as 1962 that people who care about the environment are secretly stupid, socialist, self-serving, unpatriotic, greedy, narcissistic or just plan mischievous.

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