Global Cooling: Deliberate lies or abject stupidity?

There is a nice repudiation by Tamino at Open Mind of the current round of stories announcing the “cooling trend” in global average temperatures. (Thx Jim Eager for noticing.)

Tamino concludes that the deniers are right: it was cooler in 2008 than in 2007 - which is a variation - but inexorably warmer over the last century - which is the trend.

When people ignore this longterm direction, choosing instead to pick the high point (perhaps 1998) and then claim a decline in average temperature, Tamino keeps an open mind about whether that is a reflection of dishonesty or stupidity.

In this, however, stupidity should not be a defence. It’s bullshit, even if the liar is delusional rather than dishonest.

Best of Tamino: Urging an Open Mind

More Summer Reading:

Thanks to DeSmogger Brian D., we now have this well-categorized version of The Best of Tamino, a veritable celebration of debunkery courtesy of the clearest writing statisticians around. Brian's recommended (and annotated) reading list is posted below.

Summer Reading

DeSmog fans will likely know about Tim Lambert at Deltoid - a smart Australian scientist who does fabulous work debunking some of the ridiculous denier talking points. But he has recently been pointing to some contributors who are also raising the bar: Robert Grumbine (Penguindreams ) at MoreGrumbineScience, and Tamino, who plays the deniers for fools at Open Mind. (Hat tip to VJ).

These guys are adding significantly to the quality science debunking that we have come to expect from RealClimate, the kind of stuff that leaves the deniers sputtering because, well, it's all about science and they're, well, not.

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