Tesla Roadster: Mean machines go green

Find out about some of the new electric and hydrogen-powered cars that are competing with conventional vehicles.


X Prize contest: Crazy Clean Energy Ideas

A new X-Prize competition is challenging people to come up with alternative energy ideas. Find out more in this video.

Giant rubber snake could be the future of wave power

The rippling “Anaconda” produces electricity as it is squeezed by passing waves.


How tidal power works

Another little flash animation take of a virtual demonstration of how rtidal power works.


Solar Tower - EnviroMission reduces green house CO2 emission

This is actually a very cool video on a solar tower project.


Amazing solar tower renewable energy solution

SolarMission Technologies and its Australian subsidiary, EnviroMission Limited produced this 5 minute video on the pilot plant in Spain. It is an older video (2000) but gives a decent understanding of the solar tower concept.


Global Warming: Point of No Return?

James Lovelock says Global Warming is now at point of no return. Other top climate scientists are more hopeful but say we only have less than 10 years before it’s irreversible and time is running out


The Jelly Fish Invasion

Global warming refers to the increase in the average temperature of oceans. Jellyfish are taking over oceans and other species. An Inconvenient Truth.


Arctic Sea Ice loss 1979 to 2007

This animation compares the 2005 annual Arctic minimum sea ice from 09/21/2005 (shown in orange) with the 2007 minimum sea ice from 09/14/2007. The average minimum sea ice from 1979 through 2007 is shown in green. Source: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center


The Water Powered Car

Amazing video of guy who built a car that runs on water.

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