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Improvements to DeSmog Comment Forum And Reminder About Comment Policy

I know that many regular DeSmog readers are frustrated with the comment forum, which has been increasingly polluted by anti-science trolls and clever spammers.  Today we are implementing a new comment system that will alleviate some of this.  We will no longer allow anonymous comments.

We are also implementing the Janrain Social Authentication system. Readers will now have two ways to login to DeSmogBlog and leave comments: via their social networks like Twitter and Facebook, or via a regular DeSmogBlog account with a real name and a legitimate email address.

Users with existing DeSmogBlog accounts don’t need to do anything other than continue to login as usual. If you like, you may switch to logging in via a social network as well. Click here to login or click here to register now.  We also give you the opportunity to login at the bottom of each post.

DeSmogBlog's Comment Policy

DeSmogBlog invites all readers to join the conversation in our comment forum, which is hosted by a third-party provider, Disqus.

While our editors do not censor comments based on political or ideological points of view, we reserve the right to delete comments that are abusive, off-topic or use offensive language.

We encourage commenters to include links to supporting documentation when they reference facts or other information that is verifiable online, as this helps to enrich the conversation.

Users who make unsubstantiated claims can expect their posts to be deleted and, if they persist, their account to be blocked.

Petty name-calling and/or a pattern of disrespect towards other DeSmog users will also result in account deactivation.

Please join the conversation, but please respect the rules and engage in a civil and constructive manner. Thank you!

Abuse of the comment policy should be reported to the editors immediately via email: editor [at]

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