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Vancouver Province Jon Ferry's Wonderful World of the Illogical

Is Vancouver Province columist Jon Ferry trying out for the Best Canadian impression of George Will?

In his column today Ferry takes a university campus newspaper article on violins and makes a fantastical leap in logic to his conclusion that “the jury’s still out on climate change.” I don’t know about the violin-side of Ferry’s argument, but it seems to me to be a convenient strawman for Ferry to knock down in his ongoing campiagn to prop up global warming junk science.

This is afterall the same guy who thought Martin Durkin’s “Global Warming Swindle” should be played to high school children.

instead of fiddling at the edges looking for little crumbs to feed an illogical conclusion, my humble advice to Ferry would be to take a poke around the websites of a few of the top scientific organizations in the world and see whether they think the jury’s still out on climate change.

Here’s a few to start off:

NASA’s Global Climate Change

The Royal Society

American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

Newspaper prescribes "the Swindle" for schoolchildren

The Vancouver Province newspaper is responding to a suggestion that British Columbia school children should enjoy the Inconvenient Truth by urging educators to also expose B.C.’s young people to a good climate Swindle .

The editorial in the Vancouver Province newspaper today starts out innocently enough with an account of a local businessman, Will Cole-Hamilton, who would like to put a copy of Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth in every high school in the province of British Columbia.

“And why not?” the editorial states, “the issue of global warming looks set to dominate public discourse for some time to come.”

The editorial then takes a turn into the land of global warming fantasy, suggesting that in the name of “presenting an unbiased” view, B.C. students should also watch Channel 4 documentary The Great Global Warming Swindle.

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