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Obama Bid To Secure Climate Legacy at Paris COP21


Barack Obama knows COP21 is his legacy moment. His presidency has been book-ended by the two most critical international climate summits – the disastrous Copenhagen and now the hope-filled Paris.

The American president joined 150 world leaders for the opening ceremony on the first day of the UN climate conference in Paris where thousands of delegates hope to agree legally binding international agreements to prevent catastrophic climate change.

Obama went over his allotted three minutes to tell the world future generations would suffer the worst impacts of climate unless the current generation acts. “I believe in the words of Martin Luther King that there is such a thing as being too late. And when it comes to climate change that hour is almost upon us,” he said. 

The NY Times' Case for a Climate Bill

The New York Times’ lead editorial today is The Case for a Climate Bill and it’s well worth the read.

While chances of a clean energy bill in 2010 were damaged by the major upset last week in the Massachusetts special election, all does not seem lost. That is, according to the New York Times’ editorial board at least. They conclude that the only way we’ll see a climate bill in 2010 is if President Obama gets out and sells its virtues to everyday Americans.

It’s time for a road trip Mr. President.

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