climatechange101 - Another "friend" of science?

Update: Friends of Science advertised CC101

Update #2: In the website coding, the mailing address is the same for the CC101 and the Friends of Science. Here’s a screenshot. [thanks for the tip from one of our great commenters!]

A new “grassroots” organization has emerged - coincidentally on the same server as the rightfully maligned Friends of Science. arose this month, as if from nowhere and it offers narry a name or address on its website. The About Us section says only that, “We are a group of private citizens who have studied all aspects of climate change for many years.”

(Update: Thanks to the good folks at Friends of Gin and Tonic, I am now informed that Friends of Science actually launched CC101 as a service for those of its fans who were not up to the challenge of the recently revived FOS site. The full and typically entertaining message from FOGT exec-director Dr. Roger Romney-Hughes is appended below.)

It may not be fair, though, to say they arose from “nowhere,” because the website registration clearly says that they emanate from the fossil (fuel) capital of Drumheller, Alberta - from the same small server that harbours Friends of Science.

The site is a typical retread of the same old discredited arguments. They claim global average temperatures are falsely inflated by the heat island effect, when that has easily and repeatedly been proved incorrect. They say that ice is getting thicker on Greenland and in the Antarctic without bothering to address the fact that ice mass in total is declining at a worrying rate in the North and South poles.

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