John Shimkus

John Shimkus: Only God can change climate

Congressman John Shimkus (Rep-Illinois) is lobbying for the Chair in the House Energy and Commerce Committee partly on the basis of an argument that the actual “educated” guessers in the science community have no business telling him or his government whether human activity is hastening climate change.

The very idea that humankind is capable of changing the climate is “arrogant,” Shimkus says. Given the numerous instances in which human impact on climate has already been proved - through the effects of such things as deforestation or the lofting of so many aerosols into the air that it actually cools the planet (as we did in North America before the 1970s Republicans brought us the EPA) - you have to wonder how fiercely, how absolutely religiously determined Shimkus is to ignore evidence. Here’s a great taste from KTVI in St. Louis.


God Will Not Allow Global Warming Proclaims Rep. John Shimkus, Seeking Top U.S. Congress Energy Position

U.S. House Representative John Shimkus (Republican-Illinois), who has opposed cap and trade legislation because he believes God will not allow the earth to be destroyed by global warming, is running to become the House Energy and Commerce Committee chairman.

In 2009, at a congressional hearing on cap and trade legislation, Rep. Shimkus said, “The Earth will end only when God declares it’s time to be over.  Man will not destroy this Earth.  This Earth will not be destroyed by a Flood.”  This week in an interview with Politico, Shimkus reaffirmed these views:  when asked about climate change he stated once again that God will not allow the world to be washed away in a flood.

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