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In Gas Driller’s Canadian East Coast Heartland, A Day Of FRACtion

On August 1st and 2nd, a Day of FRACtion involving marches and protests is taking place across most of Canada’s Atlantic provinces in order to bring attention to unconventional gas extraction and its highly contentious hydraulic fracturing (fracking) drilling method.

The Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter, in partnership with a number of other organizations in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island opposed to gas production, is calling on all Atlantic Canadians to send their leaders the message that “We do not want fracking in Atlantic Canada” (or anywhere).

New Brunswick Is Canada's Next Shale Gas Fracking Battle Front

On Canada’s east coast, American oil and gas companies are doubling down and betting that the small maritime province of New Brunswick is the next shale gas hot spot.

How has New Brunswick become a primary destination for oil and gas companies? Two reasons in particular stand out: 1) The government does not know how it will manage shale gas exploration (having only just released its “framework for a long-term action plan to manage the exploration, development and utilization of domestic natural gas” last Thursday evening) - which means companies that invest early will have a say in developing gas exploitation policies; 2) In terms of gas concentrations per square kilometer, New Brunswick may hold North America’s largest shale bed [PDF].

New Brunswick was not on the gas industry’s radar a couple of years ago but things are changing rapidly as American gas developers are rushing across the border to snap up exploration rights in order to win big in the destructive shale boom.

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