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What Does Steve Hilton Have To Tell Us About the True Nature of Conservatism?

Steve Hilton, the ‘guru’ credited with convincing David Cameron to adopt the climate change agenda, has returned to the political battleground disclaiming: “I think we need a revolution, not evolution.”

Just yesterday, writing in the Sunday Times to promote his new book, Hilton argued that conservation not carbon should be the true priority of the environmental movement. He wrote: “The propaganda success of the climate change 'movement' has captured the moral high ground of environmental concern.”

“But here's the problem,” he continued. “The arguments and actions associated with addressing climate change are vague, remote, distant, theoretical – far removed from the human scale.”

UK Climate Denial Tank Shuts its Doors

The International Policy Network, one of the U.K.’s most prominent climate-change-denying think tanks, has shut its doors, apparently after an internal battle during which science finally overwhelmed both ideology and the lure of dirty oil funding.

IPN is one of 150 right-wingy think tanks and similar organizations that can trace their heritage to Sir Anthony Fisher, the ideologue and disciple of the neoliberal economist Frederich Hayek. According to documents that The Independent obtained through a Freedom of Information request, the IPN Board was effectively composed of Fisher’s two children, Linda Whetstone and Michael Fisher. It was they who decided to burst the delusional organization’s bubble last year.

The Independent speculates that Whetstone may have been influenced by her daughter, Rachel, now vice president for global communications and public affairs for Google. Rachel Whetstone’s husband, Steve Hilton (inset with British Prime Minister David Cameron) was the strategist who moved the British Conservative Party into the realm of reality on climate policy.

Regrettably, the U.S. IPN survives.

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