60 Plus Association

60 Plus Association


The 60 Plus Association was founded in 1992 as a “non-partisan seniors advocacy group with a free enterprise, less government, less taxes approach to seniors issues.”  The 60 Plus Association describes itself as the conservative alternative to the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP).” [1]

Instituto Liberdade

Instituto Liberdade (Brazil)


Instituto Liberdade (Liberty Institute) is an independent Brazilian non-profit think tank based in Tecnopuc, Porto Alegre, in Southern Brazil. Instituto Liberdade began as “Instituto Liberal do Rio Grande do Sul” in 1986 and was renamed Instituto Liberdade on May 11, 2004. [1]

Illinois Coal Association

Illinois Coal Association


The Illinois Coal Association (ICA) is a coal lobbying group based in Springfield and founded in 1878. According to their website, the group “represents the coal industry in the state in governmental affairs, in public relations and in related matters. Through the Association, companies producing coal in Illinois deal with issues affecting their interests with a single unified voice.” [1]

Science and Environmental Policy Project

Science and Environmental Policy Project (SEPP)


Americans for Tax Reform

Americans for Tax Reform (ATR)





Freedom Foundation of Minnesota

Freedom Foundation of Minnesota (FFM)


The Freedom Foundation of Minnesota (FFM) is a 501(c)(3) organization that describes itself as “an independent, non-profit educational and research organization that actively advocates the principles of individual freedom, personal responsibility, economic freedom, and limited government.” [1]

Free to Choose Network

Free to Choose Network


Australian Libertarian Society

Australian Libertarian Society (ALS)


The Australian Libertarian Society (ALS) was founded by John Humphreys in 2000. It supports “free-markets, individual liberty and the promotion of peaceful, voluntary interaction between people.”

Humphreys is also a board member of the Australian Taxpayers Alliance.

Alternate Solutions Institute

Alternate Solutions Institute


The Alternate Solutions Institute describes itself as the “first free market think tank of Pakistan,” and as a registered, non-profit, “non-political, non-governmental, educational and research organization.” It was established in April, 2003 in Lahore, Pakistan. [1]


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