Disaster deadline shortened for emission-cutbacks in new study

The world must slash greenhouse-gas emissions in ten years or face “significant risks of appalling global harm,” says the UK-based Institute of Public Policy Research. The report says the landmark Stern report, which warned of an economic collapse equal to the 1930s depression unless emissions were curbed, is “too conservative” and governments need to move further and faster, with carbon emissions reaching their peak by 2010 to 2013.

From there, the think-tank said the world needs to cut emissions by four per cent to five per cent annually, and by mid-Century Co2 levels should be 70 per cent to 80 per cent below what they were in 1990. In a forward to the report, Simon Retallack, head of IPPR’s climate-change team, said “We do not have decades in which to bend the Co2 curve; we have less than 10 years. “The gap between what is necessary and what seems feasible clearly looms large,” Retallack said. “But if we want to avoid significant risks of appalling global harm we will need to re-examine what is feasible.” If the average global temperature rises by more than 2C, the report said, more than two billion people will be affected by drought and some of the world’s most diverse ecosystems, including coral reefs and the Amazon rainforest, will be severely damaged.

Sir David King, chief scientific adviser to the UK government, told the Guardian newspaper before publication of the Stern report that it was unlikely the world would be able to stay below the 2C threshold, but that it might be “politically realistic” to stabilize at 2.2C to 3.5C Meanwhile, UK Prime Minister Tony Blair has received a petition signed by 150,000 people and delivered by six children calling for a climate-change bill in next week’s Queen’s speech to cut UK Co2 emissions by at least three per cent annually.


Bill, I hope you don’t think I’m picking on you! I realise some of your articles are just ‘relaying information’ of course.

But when the UK-based Institute of Public Policy Research states “The world must slash greenhouse-gas emissions in 10 years or face significant risks of appalling global harm” do you ever think to ask them to come up with some evidence for their scare stories?

You know a stitch of supporting info.. a fragile thread of supporting research.. sight of their ultra dodgy computer predictions?

Of course I’m prepared to listen to their doom-mongering on “..an economic collapse equal to the 1930s depression unless emissions were curbed..” or the first half of that sentance because the Labour Party after 15yrs in Government have cooked the books so badly we face economic meltdown. You could say their (mis) management of the UK’s economic strategy is as ignorant and ill-advised as their patent mismanagement of climate change.

And of course political ignorance is further in evidence with “The gap between what is necessary and what seems feasible clearly looms large..” or put another way what is realistically achieveable by politicians on global climate change is nothing. Man can’t stop climate, the tides, the sun, the Earths orbit. But it doesn’t stop politicians taxing it purportedly to make things better (yeah good one!) but we all know it’s to help save their mismanagement of public spending and the economy.

The Stern report is underestimating the severity of the situation. Worldwide manmade co2 emissions must be reduced 80% below 1990 levels starting about three years ago.Anything less is equal to tossing the planet down the drain.Even if we reduced to 80% below 1990 levels right now the co2 in the pipeline will still make things very, very unpleasant by the year 2080.Water wars worldwide will make current conflicts over oil seem tame by comparison.Anything less than 80% reduction is a complete joke, and many people are too scared of the political fallout to say what they know in their hearts to be true.

Mark J. Fiore, just for your information CO2 levels will increase 50% in a direct growth path linked to human population growth of 50% from 6Bn to 9Bn by 2050. And there isn’t anything anyone can or should do about it but face that fact. Why?

Because firstly there’s no link in Earths 650,000 year history where CO2 is a climate driver. And secondly CO2 levels have been at their highest levels for 1,000’s of years over the last 10 years but global temperatures haven’t moved 1 iota in those 10 years. See a connection? No you’re right. There isn’t any. CO2 is irrelevant to driving global temperature.

And China, India, Brazil and even America hasn’t signed up to the Kyoto Protocol to limit CO2 emissions. And with so little scientific evidnece who can blame them.

Indeed the only thing about higher CO2 levels is that they’re good for plant growth. If CO2 levels doubled from todays levels they would enhance plant growth by 25% to 60%. Good news for every other living animal, including man. I hope it makes you as happy as it makes me.

So in conclusion don’t worry, be happy.