Don Easterbrook

Don Easterbrook


  • Ph.D., Geology. [1]


Don Easterbrook is a Professor Emeritus of Glacial Geology and Environmental and Engineering Geology at Western Washington University.

Easterbrook is a regular speaker at the Heartland Institute's International Conference on Climate Change.

Stance on Climate Change

“We are entering a solar cycle of much reduced sunspots, very similar to that which accompanied the change from the Medieval Warm Period to the Little Ice Age, which virtually all scientists agree was caused by solar variation. Thus, we seem to be headed for cooler temperatures as a result of reduced solar irradiance.” [2]

Key Quotes

“If the cycles continue as in the past, the current warm cycle should end soon and global temperatures should cool slightly until about 2035, then warm about 0.5°C from ~2035 to ~2065, and cool slightly until 2100. The total increase in global warming for the century should be ~0.3 °C, rather than the catastrophic warming of 3-6°C (4-11°F) predicted by the IPCC.” [3]

Key Deeds

December 7, 2015

Don Easterbrook appears as a “Key Scientist” in Marc Morano’s documentary film, Climate Hustle, which debuted on December 7, 2015, in Paris, France during the COP21 United Nations summit on climate change. [8] The film chiefly showcases Morano's personality, a range of discredited scientists, and no new factual information about climate change.

Other notable “Key Scientists” featured in Climate Hustle include: [8]

July 7 - 9, 2014

Don Easterbrook was a speaker at the Heartland Institute’s Ninth International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC9) in Las Vegas, Nevada. [7]

DeSmogBlog has done in-depth research on the other speakers and sponsors from Heartland's ICCC9, which can be found here.

May 21 - 23, 2012

Easterbrook was a speaker at the Heartland Institute's 7th International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC7).

DeSmogBlog researched the co-sponsors behind Heartland's ICCC7 and found that they had collectively received over $67 million from ExxonMobil, the Koch Brothers and the conservative Scaife family foundations.

May, 2010

Spoke at the Heartland Institute's Fourth International Conference on Climate Change on “The Looming Threat of Global Cooling”:

March, 2009

Spoke at the Heartland Institute's Second International Conference on Climate Change. His presentation was titled “'Global Warming' Is Over: Geologic, Oceanographic, and Solar Evidence for Global Cooling in the Coming Decades.” [4]

March, 2008

Easterbrook is listed as a signatory to the Manhattan Declaration on Climate Change which declares that global warming is “not a global crisis.”

The Declaration was introduced at the Heartland Institute's 2008 International Conference on Climate Change in New York.

Dec 20, 2007

Easterbrook's name appears on a Submission from the Lavoisier Group to the Garnaut Climate Change Review (PDF).

March, 2007

Easterbrook was interviewed in a New York Times piece titled “From a Rapt Audience, a Call to Cool the Hype” where he is presented as a professor of Geology who “cited 'inaccuracies' in 'An Inconvenient Truth'.” The article mentions other climate change skeptics including Richard Lindzen, Bjørn Lomborg, Roy Spencer, and Benny J. Peiser.

Easterbrook is described as having “no political axe to grind,” and as being a “rank-and-file” scientist, despite his skeptical views on global warming which put him at odds with the scientific majority.



Easterbrook's profile at the Department of Geology of Western Washington University includes the following list of papers on the topic of “Global Climate Change, Global Warming” (PDFs are available here):

Sample Publications

  • Easterbrook, D.J., 2005, “Causes and effects of abrupt, global, climate changes and global warming,” Geological Society of America, Abstracts with Program, v.
  • Easterbrook, D.J., Evenson, E.B., Gosse, J., Ivy-Ochs,S., Kovanen, D.J., and Sherard, C.A., 2004, “Synchronous, global, late Pleistocene ice sheet and alpine glacial fluctuations,” Geological Society of America.
  • Easterbrook, D.J., 2003, “Global, double, Younger Dryas, glacial fluctuations in ice sheets and alpine glaciers,” International Quaternary Association.
  • Easterbrook, D.J., 2003, “Synchronicity and sensitivity of alpine and continental glaciers to abrupt, global, climatic changes during the Younger Dryas” Geological Society of America, Abstracts with Program, v.
  • Easterbrook, D.J., 2002, “Implications of Younger Dryas glacial fluctuations in the western U.S., New Zealand, and Europe,” Geological Society of America, Abstracts with Program, v.


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