Educated Majority is Still Losing the Climate Debate

A new Ipsos Reid poll reported in the Vancouver Sun shows that 39 percent of Canadiansdon’t support the science  behind global warming.

According to the article they believe that “… melting ice flows, hot summers and extreme weather events around the world are the result of natural warming and cooling patterns that rise and fall.”  

This is, on one hand, a woeful tribute to the ongoing disinformation campaign - the increasingly strident effort by a handful of agenda-driven (and energy-industry funded) “climate skeptics” who are bent on keeping the public confused.

On the other hand, the survey shows that 61 per cent of Canadians understand the problem. Good, but:

IPSOS Reid, the polling company that did this survey, pointed out that “you only need roughly 40% to get a majority government (so) this is not going to be a key ballot item.”

Unless we make it so …