"Eighty percent of Republicans are just Democrats who don't know what's going on"

That quote comes from a Robert F. Kennedy speech on the G.W. Bush administration’s record of environmental devastation. Kennedy argues, convincingly, that Bush’s red state support can be explained by the quality of red state journalism – from the absolute dominion of a corporate-controlled media. Kennedy says:

“I do 40 speeches a year in red states, and there is no difference between how Republican audiences and Democratic audiences react when they hear what this White House and this Congress are doing. There is no difference except that the Republicans come up afterward and say, ‘Why haven’t we ever heard of this before?’ I say to them, ‘It’s because you’re watching Fox News and listening to Rush.”’

The whole speech is remarkable, long at 8,000 words, but well worth the 20 minutes. And if you can’t find that time right now, check the excerpts that follow in the next couple of posts – especially the coal industry one. It’s the most compelling accusation of corruption in government I’ve yet heard and it explains U.S. climate change policy perfectly.

And thanks for all of this goes to our always impressive Blog Consultant, the professionally geeky Will Pate. If every 23-year-old had Will’s breadth of vision, his conscience and his work ethic, then little Bobby Kennedy could take the rest of his political career off.