Encroaching deserts due to global warming the ‘challenge of our times,’ study says

The study by the United Nations University, produced by more than 200 experts from 25 countries, suggests climate change is making creeping deserts “the greatest environmental challenge of our times”.

One-third the Earth's population - about two billion people - are potential victims. Overexploitation of land and unsustainable irrigation practices are making matters worse, it says, while climate change is also a major factor degrading the soil.


UN Secretary General has said global warming will contribute to conflicts. Some people scratch their heads and wonder why this would be considered, in military terms, a ‘threat multiplier.’

They don’t have to look far. The following article views the effects of climate change in Darfur in a holistic way that I hadn’t <a href=”http://www.guardian.co.uk/sudan/story/0„2067637,00.html”target=_blank” >considered.