EPA to Planet: "Drop Dead! (You, too, Supreme Court!)

Fri, 2008-12-19 16:56Ross Gelbspan
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EPA to Planet: "Drop Dead! (You, too, Supreme Court!)

The Environmental Protection Agency ruled  that new power plants are not required to install technology to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, rejecting an argument from environmental groups. The ruling turns on a seemingly arcane regulatory question that could govern the future of new fossil fuel-burning buildings and power plants under the Clean Air Act.

During the Bush administration, the EPA has rejected the idea that greenhouse gases should be regulated like soot, smog precursors and other kinds of air pollution, despite an April 2007 Supreme Court ruling that said carbon dioxide fit the definition of a pollutant that could be regulated under the Clean Air Act.

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I can’t see that Obama can allow himself to be bound for his term by what Bush does in his last months, and he won’t.  People say its a bit hard to overturn these kinds of things, but there are ways.  What matters is if the incoming President has the support of the American people and Congress as he sweeps away these last attempts to screw the US up. 


The phrase “clean coal” has about as much merit as saying “sanitary sewage,” but that hasn’t stopped the industry and pro-coal talking heads from repeating that phrase ad nauseum to the American public.

The Orwellian industry buzzphrase was so successful that the Obama administration, as part of the 2009 stimulus package, pledged more than $1 billion to create the largest carbon-capturing system known as FutureGen 2.0. The...

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