EU, US screwing up climate talks in Bangkok

Watching the climate treaty negotiations here in Bangkok today is like watching a Congressional filibuster.

With only one week of negotiations left before the big show in Copenhagen, developed countries - led by the United States and the European Union - continue to waffle on the most important issues. This lack of action has polarized developed and developing nations at a time when consensus should be building.

There’s two main issues that need to be dealt with in short order.

The first is a commitment by developed nations to short and long-term targets on greenhouse gas emission reductions. The only developed country to make a real commitment to a hard cap is Norway, who announced yesterday that will commit to a forty-percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2020. It’s worth pointing out that Norway is not part of the European Union.

The second is a commitment to financing from developed to developing nations to help them move away from fossil fuels and dirty energy [cue the “socialist plot” comment trolls].

“The proposals that have been put on table have led to further polarization between developed and developing countries and have broken down the trust that is needed to move these negotiations forward,” says World Wildlife Fund campaigner Tasneem Essop.

Tove Ryding from Greenpeace International had strong words for President Obama today on their resistance to the continuation of the Kyoto Protocol: “If the President does not like the Kyoto Protocol, then [he] can come up with something better.” Well said Tove.

I have a backlog of stories I’m filing here in Bangkok, so check back soon for more on these negotiations. Most importantly I will be writing a story sharing my thoughts on what needs to be done between now and Copenhagen to get this process back on the right track. For those who know me well already, I’m sure you know what my answer will be!


I thought this Copenhagen agreement was going to be a slam dunk with ribbons and a parade and 190 countries signing up to tackle emissions.

And then I expected them to fail miserably in meeting their targets … but now it looks like there may be some rain even at the Copenhagen parade.

Perhaps Nobel laureate Obama can yet bring all sides together and produce the piece of paper that they will use later in their bird cages.

yeah - I’m a little cynical.

Imagine, trying to get an energy policy by calling it Cap and Trade or a Climate bill..

What Kerry has proposed now as a “compromise” is an energy bill, and the USA sure could use one. For example, they need about 30 million natural gas fueled cars, as they have enough shale natural gas for centuries.

They need offshore drilling. Alaska north slope, etc.

The real problem Obama has is his base. They think AGW is real, so he wants to appease them. Now the Republcans are going to use the AGW failure to hammer the Dems.

And I am an Obama fan.. ouch! (he is a lawyer, what do you expect? If he could read(and understand) McIntyres blog it would really help him understand the bullshite science he has been fed)

Copenhagen has already flamed out because the majority of citizens in countries like Canada and the US still don’t support the draconian measures. Warmies attempts to silence questions about AGW means Canadians won’t give support to drastic reductions.

But, expect much soaring rhetoric at Copenhagen.

I listened to the guy… his arrogance is unbelievable. He thought the oil and gas got into the arctic by continental drift! Ha! I guess he could not bring himself to understand that the arctic was once tropical. I myself found tropical plants fossilized in shale right on the surface.

Chu is a disaster. he once autored a paper promoting nuclear power, so you would expect Obama to follow suit.. nope.. still stonewalling on approving a waste repository, despite a scintific panel recommending it.

The dems have to go. They are hopelessly left wing. The country need change, and the Dems are not it.

I’m sure Chu is school smart but he came off as pretty dumb when he compared the US population to teenagers who need things explained to them.

Also I wonder if the department of energy is getting around to turning off the computer monitors and turning down the heat during off hours. There was a recent story about that department wasting millions by just not doing those basics that everybody else does.

With this bunch - it’s do as I say - not as I do.

Maybe he has trouble communicating to stupid people who think the world is only 6000 years old.

see thats why you’re not in Government. Obama would never say stuff like that. He might even pretend he believes the 6000 year bit because he’s a true believing Christian you know.

As a mainstream Christian, I say the 6000 year idea is not a mainstream Christian belief. It is the belief of the rightwing fundamentalism which started in the US in the 1920s, I believe, and which is more destructive than Christian.

The earth and life on it is obviously a lot older than 6000 years. I doubt that Harper or Bush or any other politician really believe in a young earth theory. Smart pols keep quiet about it though because the votes of the young earthers are just as valuable as the votes of everybody else. Democracy is a silly idea really.



The cold coming out of Canada is brutal, at least by mid-October standards. Normally, air masses this extreme don’t start to appear until November.

The cold weather will be far reaching through the central part of the United States, but the core of the cold air mass this weekend will stay over the Canadian Prairies, the northern Great Plains, and the northern Rockies. In this broad area, temperatures will run 30 to as much as 40 degrees below normal this weekend, and many low temperature records will fall.

The unusual early season cold wave is being caused by a flow of air directly from the top of the world. In other words, it’s a classic arctic express.

Story by Expert Senior Meteorologist John Kocet.

Will the remainder follow?

Now how do you blame the BBC for being skeptical?? Big Oil?

It is going to be sad watching this blog suffer under the load of COLD weather and climate reports this winter. (like those demented parents at Jonestown.. they reverted to killing themselves and their children rather than face reality. What will the bloggers do here? Please, if you are feeling depressed, call a friend!)

Big left media climate skepticism … - not what we would normally expect - written by Paul Hudson - a weatherman, wikipedia calls him a climate change expert who gives talks on the subject - it doesn’t call him a a skeptic, which I find surprising.

I don’t think you need to start a suicide watch just yet though. Man made Global Warming has some staying power beyond this winter. We would need some kind of dramatic temperature drop off with some major ice developement over a period of perhaps 20 years. If that happens, McIntyre can run for Prime Minister or something. Until then AGW is the thing.

Except it wasn’t a skeptical piece, that was just the headline hook. It was a pretty even handed report of a scientific disagreement about the role of the sun and the ocean in global temperatures, quoting people from both sides. But it ends on a warming note.

There were so many locations that were 40 degrees F BELOW the normal daily highs..


Snow, Ice, cars skidding and crashing everywhere, ear muffs, thermal underwear..

So how are the “warmists” going to sell their agenda to Congress now???

not with the weather - and that makes a difference because elected officials aren’t hearing from their constituents about climate. I guess if we were having annual Katrinas it would make a difference.