"Extremist" hopes Heartland's "building explodes"

The oil industry-backed Heartland Institute is at the forefront of the attack on global warming science and no doubt they're an organization more than just disliked by many.

Here's an audio clip the Heartland is passing around in which they claim an “environmental extremist” hopes their “building explodes.” To be clear, I'm not in any way condoning what this person says, there are better ways (like DeSmogBlog) to get after “think” tanks bent on spreading misinformation and confusing the public.

However, by the Heartland releasing this audio clip they're showing just how far they will go to label the environmental movement as “extremist.” Here at the DeSmogBlog we have received much harsher messages on a regular basis and it would quite easy for us to release these messages and label the global warming deniers as “extremist.”

But we don't, and the reason is that most people send such messages in anger without thinking through what they're saying. Others just don't know of a better way to communicate. Are they extremist? No, just really ticked off.

In fact, if the Heartland is truly feeling threatened by an “environmental extremist” they should be passing this clip onto the authorities, not blogging about it.


And then there are those “death threats” received by Tim Ball! Fern

I dunno, I think anyone that hopes someone else’s building blows up is an extremist of sorts. Not as extreme as the guy that actually makes it happen, but still pretty extreme. And, yes, it reflects badly on the rest of the movement. Just like certain right wing preachers reflect badly on evangelism & leather daddies @ sex clubs reflect badly on the gay rights movement. Every group has its wackos, and it’s the job of the opposition to point them out. It’s to their benefit. Get over it & move on. It’s not like you guys haven’t called people on the other side extremists or nutjobs in your time.

People who try to soft-peddle and act as apologists for thugs and terrorists are extremists in their own right, as well as accomplices.

You’re a gullible, gullible person.

I sort of wish the deniers would spontaneously combust. Does that make me a terrorist? I agree with Kevin. After being called all kinds of names, being accused of being a whacko left-wing nut job bent on world domination, and hearing the same tired old discredited arguments over and over again, I too get frustrated and blurt out something I know is beneath me. It bothers me that I let them get to me, but there you are. The guy on the tape is no terrorist. He’s just frustrated & letting off steam. The ones to worry about are the ones who let it all build up and then “go off” without warning!

was being labelled one of the Three Stooges of AGW in the Globe&Mail, followed closely by eco-nazi.

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Check this one out.


“My dream: march into the CBC HQ with the army, force everyone to leave, then blow up the building to the strains of the 1812 Overture. Do the same to other CBC facilities - no mercy, no negotiations, no explanation. Just end it once and for all.”