Five NZ Scientists Issue Release Dismissing Heartland Institute


7 May 2008

Five prominent New Zealand scientists say global warming is real

The Heartland Institute has named five New Zealanders in a list of 500 scientists whose published research is alleged to undermine support for the idea that greenhouse gas emissions from human activities, largely fossil fuel burning, is warming the globe.

The five scientists concerned are Associate Professor Chris Hendy, inset (University of Waikato), Dr Matt McGlone (Science Team Leader, Landcare Research), Dr Neville Moar (retired DSIR,), Dr Jim Salinger (Principal Scientist, NIWA) and Dr Peter Wardle (retired DSIR, FRSNZ). Other eminent scientists around the world, also included in the list of 500, have publically distanced themselves from the Heartland statement. While the Heartland Institute is entitled to make what it will of their research, these scientists strongly object to the implication that they support Heartland’s position.

The scientists fully endorse the findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) as to global warming and its causes. Much of their work has been concerned with climate change over many thousands of years, which, while supporting the idea that climates have fluctuated in the past and have at times been warmer than now, does not in any way weaken the conclusions reached by the IPCC about recent changes.

Dr Wardle has led investigations into the effects of warming on New Zealand tree lines. Dr McGlone coauthored a book published in 1989 warning of the possibility of warming-related changes in New Zealand. Dr Salinger has documented climate warming in New Zealand and the South Pacific, and published a book in 1990 outlining the impacts global warming could have on New Zealand. Dr Salinger and Dr McGlone have also been involved in the preparation and review of the IPCC Assessment Reports.

This group of scientists is actively involved in programmes on climate change research leading to greater definition of the impacts on New Zealand, so that measures can be taken to adapt to the risks of climate change.

For further information:

Associate Professor Chris Hendy, University of Waikato Tel: 07 856 2889 ext 4381

Dr Matt McGlone, Landcare Research, Tel: 03 321 9733

Dr Neville Moar, Tel: 03 325 2798

Dr Jim Salinger, NIWA, Tel: 09 375 2053, Mob: 027 521 9468

Dr Peter Wardle, Tel: 03 980 9724


It’s long past time to push back more forcefully and publicly.

I look forward to more statements of this type as the word gets around among the so-called “co-authors”!

Fern Mackenzie

Bast defends their inclusion, and gives a new meaning to using ‘co-authors’ as a qualifier in the list title by stating ” ..He is merely listed in a bibliography of co-authors of scholarly articles..”
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