"Flat Earthers" absent from G8 climate change talks

Environment and energy Ministers from the world's most polluting countries, including China, India, Brazil and the G9 members, met in Mexico this week to discuss the urgent need to tackle climate change and green house gas emissions.

Several news reports out of the conference have pointed out the fact that there has been absolutley no argument over the scientific underpinnings showing that climate change is happening and that humans are to blame.

To quote:

“Several said they have never known such a positive atmosphere. Nobody doubted the reality of climate science anymore.”
          - BBC News, Roger Harrabin

“The people in denial now are the equivalent of the Flat Earth Society,” British Energy Minister Malcolm Wicks told Reuters in an interview.
          - Reuters, Catherine Bermer

This great news is of course at great odds with the ongoing saga of Senator James Inhofe, Chair of the senate committee responsible for climate change. Our fellow bloggers at Grist Magazine have a great wrap up of Inhofe's Quixotic quest. So while to world acts, the “flat earthers” like Inhofe continue to sow doubt.