Fraser Institute: Keeping Bad Company

The Fraser Institute, the right-wing think tank that sponsored the recent political attack on the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) Fourth Assessment Report, has a history of promoting the work of industry-funded science critics.

For example, in 1999, the Fraser Institute published Passive Smoke , a pseudo-scientific attack on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's quest to demonstrate the health risks of second-hand smoke. At the time, the Fraser Institute made no mention of the questionable bona fides of the book's authors. Gio B. Gori had been a long-time consultant to the Tobacco Institute, prior to which he was vice president of the Franklin Institute Policy Analysis Center (FIPAC), a consulting firm funded initially by a $400,000 grant from the Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation (B&W).

And John C. Luik had been paid $155,000 by big tobacco only one year earlier for his part in editing the industry-friendly tract Plain Packaging and the Marketing of Cigarettes.

Luik became a tobacco advocate after losing his university job in the early '90s. Look here for the entertaining reason that Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario, gave for refusing to renew his contract teaching applied professional ethics.

Look here is the information on Luik that the Fraser Institute released at the time of publication.


Doesn’t the Fraser Institute have to forfeit any voice on the issue to the fact that they’ve already concluded that the UN can serve no useful purpose? I haven’t got a link for you. But assuming I’m right, how can jokers like them claim BOTH that the UN is useless and that international agreements to reduce carbon won’t work unless everyone is involved?

By supporting people like Luik the Fraser Institute advances subversion of the democratic process which depends so profoundly upon the truth.

The Fraser Institute - Canada’s Disgrace Every citizen of this nation should feel disgust that the Fraser Institute calls Canada home. The Fraser Institute is dedicated to attacking publically funded health care, education and insurance. It now also is disseminating propaganda intended to minimize the effects of global warming. Let’s start by looking inside this seedy organization. In an article published in the Winnipeg Free Press, in 2004, Frances Russel wrote, “Earlier this month, the institute held its 30th anniversary dinner attended by luminaries of the Canadian Right like Conservative Leader Stephen Harper, Alberta Premier Ralph Klein, former Reform Leader Preston Manning and former Ontario Premier Mike Harris. Founder and president Michael Walker mapped out an ambitious plan for the future. Having won the battles against universality, deficits and debt, Mr. Walker said the institute will be turning its sights on privatising health and education. With millions of dollars in its coffers donated annually by the Who’s Who of business, get ready for more Fraser, more of the time” (Wpg Free Press - 29/10/04) And now to make their record even worse, this group of right wing extremists is determined to confuse and confound the findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change which is currently convening in Paris. Oh and did I mention the funding that they receive from EXXON? This organization is does not contribute to the well being of the nation and the planet.