Friends of Science; Friends of the Conservative Party

CanWest Global has followed up on an earlier story about the climate quibblers at the so-called Friends of Science, reporting that an FOS consultant was working as “an unpaid spinner” for the Conservative Party during the 2006 federal election.

Unpaid, that is, by the Tories, but on retainer for the Friends of Science, which was in the midst of a widely touted - but not legally registered - effort to affect the outcome of that election.

Kudos to Mike de Souza for following up on Kevin Grandia's earlier work exposing Morten Paulsen's work for both FOS and the Tories. And kudos also to Liberal MP Mark Holland, inset, for forcing Parliament to also pay attention.


Plenty of background on Paulsen (some courtesy of Desmogblog) on his section of the SourceWatch Friends of Science article.

For those who haven’t seen it, here is Mark Holland’s detailed summary of the FOS, written in 2006:

“Rewriting Science”

In a way, we have to hand it to FOS. Convincing anyone with the low quality of their pseudo-scientific material is no easy task. As they say on the old website, “Scienctific [sic] articles can be daunting and time consuming.” So, they offer an alternative…

Those who are interested can download the Friends of Science Powerpoint presentation below, complete with hand-sketches of imagined historical climate, bold support for FOS positions from the laughable “Oregon Global Warming Petition” and the “Heidelberg Appeal”. Don’t miss their claims that no global warming has been observed.

DOWNLOAD OUR POWERPOINT PRESENTATION - AND PASS ALONG THE LINK. Scienctific articles can be daunting and time consuming. Here is a summary of some of the key criticisms of man-made global warming arguments. ”

Scientific Advisory Panel

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No global warming:*/