Wed, 2006-12-20 12:39Kevin Grandia
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Monckton wrapped up

Here's a great story by Gideon Rachman, fellow blogger and The Financial Times, Chief Foreign Affairs commentator, regarding the latest squabble in the UK press over recent comments made by Viscount Christopher Monckton.
Wed, 2006-12-20 10:55Kevin Grandia
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Canada's PM: science is in, action needed on global warming

In a CanWest news interview yesterday, Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper stated:

I'm not a scientist. From what I've seen, the preponderance of evidence suggests this is a real and serious problem. As you know, the science has evolved several times, even in the last couple of decades. I think all of the evidence suggests we should take the problem seriously and start to try and act on it.”

Wed, 2006-12-20 10:51Richard Littlemore
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Monckton fights for Exxon's freedom of speech

Christopher Monckton, a well-known climate change “skeptic” and British aristocrat has fired off a response to U.S. Senators Snowe and Rockefeller for their letter this fall urging oil giant ExxonMobil to cease funding to US “think” tanks that are actively involved in the PR campaign to confuse the public about climate change.
Wed, 2006-12-20 10:31Richard Littlemore
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"Denier:" A Remedial Class in Definition

Having taken a break from the wierd, dangerous and expensive weather plaguing Vancouver of late, I missed my Globe and Mail last week and was nearly spared reading Rex Murphy's most recent argument in favour of climate change confusion.
Tue, 2006-12-19 17:23Richard Littlemore
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Ambrose out, Prentice in

Canadian Press is quoting unamed sources confirming that embattled Canadian Environment Minister, Rona Ambrose , will be replaced by Indian Affairs Minister Jim Prentice in the new year. Developing…


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