Africa must act fast on climate change, IPCC says

African governments must take speedy action to prevent drought in the already semi-arid continent due to global warming, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) said. Major threats include severe food shortages due to decreasing fish populations in large lakes because of rising temperatures.

Pity the Poor Skeptics: Nobody's Listening Any More!

Skeptics of the seriousness of global warming complained of not being heard by the public or policy makers while warning governments to take a second look at the scientific consensus on climate change.

Denier Peiser's conspiracy is what many consider science

Well-known denier Benny Peiser complains in a recent Reuters story that: “scientific journals refused to take papers from scientists who doubted climate change.”

Of course, this speaks to the worn-out claim that there is a grand scientific conspiracy to silence those who deny the realities of climate change. What if we assume instead that Peiser's unimpressive publication rate is a reflection of a “conspiracy” among journal editors to favour high quality research?

DeSmogBlog Truly Sorry About Heartland Institute "Inaccuracy"

Heartland Institute President Joseph Bast, tireless defender of big tobacco and trenchant critic of climate science advocates, has demanded that the DeSmogBlog “retract an inaccurate statement” that we had included in a post challenging Heartland to a debate over the harmful effects of tobacco.

We would like to make that retraction here and now:

Bush Administration subjects environment to ‘Texas chainsaw management,’ writer says

The White House has handed more than 100 top environmental posts to representatives of polluting industries, says an article in Vanity Fair, and no president has mounted a more sustained and deliberate assault on America’s environment than George W. Bush, whose administration has promoted and implemented more than 400 measures that eviscerate 30 years of environmental policy.


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