Tue, 2007-02-06 15:51Richard Littlemore
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National Post Defames Scientist as "Denier"

For the third time, at least, the National Post has painted a respected international academic as a climate change “denier,” regardless that the scientist is no such thing.
Tue, 2007-02-06 12:01Ross Gelbspan
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Global Warming Makes a Mockery of Fairness

Poor countries will suffer most from global warming even though they pollute less than developed countries, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon warns.
Mon, 2007-02-05 16:42Richard Littlemore
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Dr. Tim Ball: The Lie that Just Won't Die

The deathless and - in many specific respects - completely fictional meanderings of Dr. Tim Ball have begun appearing again on right-wing blogs all over the net. At City Troll, at Convenient Untruth and at New Orleans Lady, the same tired and retreaded old climate rant paints Dr. Ball as the courageous victim of a plot to silence a well-meaning skeptic.

But Ball can’t even tell the truth about his own resume. His claim to be the first Climatology Ph.D. in Canada is a total falsehood; his degree was in historical geography - not climatology - and it was nowhere near the first ever granted to someone writing vaguely in the field.  It also was granted by the university as a doctor of philosophy, not the more prestigious “doctor of science” that Ball claims in these articles.

Mon, 2007-02-05 13:13Kevin Grandia
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In the company of creationists and flat-earthers

And if you don't believe us:

“It [the IPCC report] has finally ended all serious debate over climate change.

There can be no more denial. Global warming skeptics and deniers now find themselves in the company of creationists, flat-Earthers and those who dispute the scientific consensus that HIV is the cause of AIDS.”

- Globe and Mail Editorial, February 3, 2007
Mon, 2007-02-05 08:28Richard Littlemore
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It's Official: Fraser Institute Re-releases Leaked Summary

The Exxon-funded Fraser Institute officially released its Independent Summary for Policy Makers (ISPM) today, confirming that the version leaked here on the DeSmogBlog last week was authentic.

The Institute also announced that it has scheduled an ongoing attack on the report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, promising a “Fraser Institute Supplementary Analysis Series” on topics such as “Fundamental Uncertainties in Climate Modelling.”


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