Mon, 2006-10-23 08:45Ross Gelbspan
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Carbon Trading: "Bad for the South, Bad for the North, Bad for the Climate"

An exhaustively-documented new book says that the  “carbon trading” approach to climate change is both ineffective and unjust. 

Mon, 2006-10-23 07:53Ross Gelbspan
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Skeptic Christy Extols "Benefits" of Coming Weather Extremes

Even as the National Center for Atmospheric Research projects a big jump in extreme weather events in North America, the Mediterranean and Brazil,  longtime skeptic John Christy manages to con the press into “balancing” the story. 
Sat, 2006-10-21 08:21Richard Littlemore
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Canadian Tories Have Their Heads in the Tar Sands

Alberta Tar SandsReally excellent Thomas Homer-Dixon column in the Globe and Mail today, though with a sorrowful conclusion:

We (in Canada) need a federal government with a sense of urgency about the problem, the guts to act, and the commonsense recognition that government must play a major role in Canada's response. Instead, right now, we have a federal government with its head stuck in the tar sands.
Thu, 2006-10-19 16:42Richard Littlemore
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Uh oh ... the NRSP is Praising Harper's Climate Change Bill

The “newly-launched environment organization” NRSP has issued a press release praising the Conservative government's new Clean Air Act for ignoring Kyoto and for failing to establish a cap on CO2 emissions.

But the NRSP still found a way to be critical. For example, it expressed disappointment that the feds are alleging even half-hearted efforts to address CO2 in the atmosphere.
Thu, 2006-10-19 07:30Richard Littlemore
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No Room for Good Climate Policy in Tory Caucus

Now independent MP Garth Turner“My position when the Harper Administration releases its plan will be that climate change is the greatest all-round threat this country faces, and that my nation's government should not let us down with half-measures, a curtsy to junk science or a sellout to the tar sands.”

For those words, at least, former Canadian Conservative Member of Parliament Garth Turner was expelled from his caucus yesterday. We'll get specifics later today as the Tories introduce their “Clean Air Act,” but all signs so far point to legislation full of half measures and junk science - not merely a sellout but a homage to the tar sands.


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