Suncor Puts the Lie to Energy Intensity Promises

President George Bush, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and now the Canadian Council of Chief Executives are all suggesting that voluntary targets to reduce energy intensity will be a sufficient short-term response to climate change.

But Suncor Energy, one of the biggest players in the biggest CO2 emissions industry in Canada, has offered a stellar illustration of the idiocy of that position.

A "How-to Guide to Canada's Access to Information Act"

I'm putting in a bunch of Access to Information (ATIP) requests to the Canadian government today and I thought I would chronicle how exactly someone goes about doing it for anyone who may be interested in submitting their own ATIP request.

Accessing the information that every Canadian has a right to is quite easy, if you know where to look on the government's website - which, of course, is the trick, finding the information you need on the government's website.

They don't exactly make it easy, so I have provided below a simple A to Z process with the links you'll need to do your own ATIP request. I've also included a real example of an ATIP request I am submitting today to Environment Canada.

UFO's Against GHG's

Wow, Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth sure has reach! Here's more photos.

crop circle

Click to enlarge. 

Arctic Tipping Point?

Scientists are suggesting that the Arctic thaw may have reached its tipping point and that Arctic ice may disappear in the summer, decades before it was anticipated to happen.

They caution that that this is not alarmist, as tipping points can be reversed but they do say that many models have underestimated the speed of which Arctic ice is melting.

The Great Global Warming Rant

Now this is hilarious and a great message all wrapped up in one. Nice work Ranting Gryphon.


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