5 reasons Canada is NOT a leader in reducing greenhouse gas emissions

According to the latest national inventory on greenhouse gas, Canada's emissions are now 32.7% above its Kyoto Protocol targets.

Here's 5 reasons why:

1. Over the last 15 years, emissions from light trucks and SUV's has risen by 109%.

2. Canadians are not conserving energy. Demand for electricity continued to increase between 2003 and 2005.

"Viscount" Monckton at Ease Lying for Money

Christopher Walter, Third Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, who has already admitted that he finds lying for profit a perfectly acceptable pastime, appears to have been caught out adding phoney details to his own Wikipedia biography.

This link shows an exchange between Monckton and Guardian columnist George Monbiot, who demands to know why Monckton's entry on Wiki was claiming a £50,000 libel victory from a Monbiot column (no such victory having ever been posted). At the point that Monbiot informs Monckton that the offending information arrived from Monckton's own email address, the usually chatty peer goes suddenly silent.

Long may it last.

Suncor Puts the Lie to Energy Intensity Promises

President George Bush, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and now the Canadian Council of Chief Executives are all suggesting that voluntary targets to reduce energy intensity will be a sufficient short-term response to climate change.

But Suncor Energy, one of the biggest players in the biggest CO2 emissions industry in Canada, has offered a stellar illustration of the idiocy of that position.

A "How-to Guide to Canada's Access to Information Act"

I'm putting in a bunch of Access to Information (ATIP) requests to the Canadian government today and I thought I would chronicle how exactly someone goes about doing it for anyone who may be interested in submitting their own ATIP request.

Accessing the information that every Canadian has a right to is quite easy, if you know where to look on the government's website - which, of course, is the trick, finding the information you need on the government's website.

They don't exactly make it easy, so I have provided below a simple A to Z process with the links you'll need to do your own ATIP request. I've also included a real example of an ATIP request I am submitting today to Environment Canada.

UFO's Against GHG's

Wow, Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth sure has reach! Here's more photos.

crop circle

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